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«Because of drugs and alcohol i was about to lose my life»: Julio César Chávez to «Café Negro»

«Because of drugs and alcohol i was about to lose my life»: Julio César Chávez to «Café Negro»

Carlos Rosas

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- During 15 years the boxing world champion was addicted to cocaine.

In an interview with “Café Negro Portal” he confesses that because of this vice he was on the edge of dying.

Surrounded by a life of luxury and fame the former fighter who was considered in the 90’s as on the best pound by pound in the world. Julio César Chávez got involved with false friendships, lost vehicles, terrains, houses and even his family, “but, to tell you the truth, that’s not important”.

“For a long time (I was an addict) for about 12 or 15 years, something like that. Sincerely I didn’t want to get better; like any other addict, nobody wants help, deep down we know we are doing wrong, but unfortunately it’s stronger than the will to recover”.

And thanks to the fact that he dropped his vices, Julio César recovered the most important thing: his family.

His son Julio César Chávez took him to a rehabilitation clinic, from where he came out recovered.

Actually living in Tijuana, where he opened another rehabilitation clinic, Julio tells us that for the past 4 years he hasn’t taste alcohol or drugs, and “it was a secret to voices that I was doing wrong”.

Julio César decided to knock his vice to alcohol and drugs and a month ago he opened his very own rehabilitation clinic in Culiacán with the name “Baja Del Sol”, where he’s currently attending 12 addicts.

The center is located at “Colinas San Miguel”, where he lived many years with his ex-wife and sons.

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