martes , 20 abril 2021

“Mansion-Gate” le llama CNBC a #LaCasaBlancadeEPN

“Mansion-Gate” le llama CNBC a #LaCasaBlancadeEPN

El canal de TV en EU, CNBC, retomó la investigación sobre la casa blanca en Lomas de Chapultepec, valuada en 7 MDD. En tanto, el video sobre este tema supera los 2.8 millones de reproducciones en YouTube.

Esta es la nota publicada por CNBC

The president of Mexico is ensnared in claims that his home is owned by a company that last week won—and then quickly lost—a huge government contract.

But the allegations are unlikely to complicate Enrique Peña Nieto’s efforts by to introduce more private sector competition into Mexico’s economy, especially in its critical energy sector, said Reggie Thompson, Latin America analyst at global intelligence and advisory firm Stratfor.

Reports over the weekend indicated that a company associated with a planned high-speed rail line in Mexico owns a mansion that is occupied by the presidential family. The $ 7 million mansion is registered to Ingenieria Inmobiliaria del Centro, a firm owned by Grupo Higa, which is associated with a Chinese-led consortium that won a $3.75 billion rail contract last week.

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